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Wireless Game Controller
I liked the TM G02 but it wasn’t perfect. To cut the long story short, this gadget is the true epitome of the word ’compromise’ in every sense but not in a bad way.


Battery life is awesome I wish every device in the universe has the same performance battery wise. It has some of the coolest features, like dual rumble packs and coloured illuminating ABYX buttons. You can optionally turn off both features, sometimes I turn off the rumble packs and I always shut down the lights. A slight annoyance but I feel like, off mode should be a default setting. The Function button also allows a mouse pointer to be displayed and manipulated on screen and that IS useful for ROM Emulators. Full disclosure, I do not own an iPhone so lack of compatibility didn’t affect my decision at all.

Another good thing is the button response. There is no serious delay or lag, which is a great thing considering how cheap G02 was. Looks good too and it came in a solid package. And that brings us to the unavoidable matter of compromise one has to make before a decision is made to order this gamepad.

To put it mildly, quality is a 3 on a scale of one to five. Mine is still working fine but the left joystick started to show weakness after a few months, being a little bit biased on one side. It gave me one of those “uh oh” hunches that things might start to go south in the first year of gaming. I was right, after several months of, let us be fair, ’reasonable abuse’, the L buttons occasionally started to refuse to spring back into the action. This may be an issue that the manufacturer has corrected but certainly a glitch on my device.. When they work properly, the buttons are considerably louder than the competition models, so my roommate once told me to keep it down while he was studying. Remember the magical word: compromise.

At one point I have tried to connect it with PS3. Granted, I may be an idiot, but this thing was so reluctant to work properly that I just surrendered and quit.. Also, it can only be used one at a time so don’t buy two at any cost.

So, what is the verdict?

If you are willing to make a compromise this is a good choice. This is great as a gift and totally ideal for kids and beginners. It can give you hours of pleasure for a small price, looks and feels like a real thing and is relatively practical, as long as you are treating it with care. If this thing was made by Nokia 3310 standards it would rock, but then again, it would cost significantly more. For a pro gamer, I would go with something more robust. A small compromise and at a great price for the beginning gamer.

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